Monday, August 10, 2009


I haven't had much to blog about lately! I ended up having to take the entire week off last week due to my damn wisdom teeth. This is gross but I ended up getting dry sockets which hurt like a mother trucker. On Thursday night I seriously felt like I was dying. My whole face was throbbing and I couldn't sleep. Vicodin didn't even help! So Friday I had to go back to the oral surgeon and he put some clove oil stuff in my mouth and it felt better instantly so that was good. The left side of my face is still a little swollen but I looked like a chipmunk for a long time. My mouth has started to hurt a little bit again but not bad. I hate eating because it hurts. Dad took us to Fricker's on Friday night and I couldn't even eat the food I ordered :(. I just can't wait until a month from now when those disgusting... (holes)... will be GONE. (FYI I am disgusted by holes. Holes in a sewing thimble, worm holes, holes in Swiss cheese, pores... absolutely revolting to make. They make me feel funny and ill)

On Saturday, I went to Columbus to visit my grandma in the hospital with my dad and sister. She has been very sick for a long time and yesterday they put in a feeding tube, so hopefully she will be able to regain some strength. They can't figure out what is wrong with her but she just can't eat. Her stomach hurts all of the time and every time she eats, she gets sick and she spends most of the day gagging. She has withered away to nothing and is basically skin and bones. It is very sad to see her that way and I really pray that this feeding tube will help. She is one of my favorite people in the entire world. We ate at Olive Garden that night (much to my delight, I discovered that I could eat eggplant parmesan). My grandpa said some very touching things about my grandma, and I hope that someday I will find myself in a relationship like theirs. They are going on 60 years of marriage and they are still as much in love as ever. <3

Today I am finally back at work. I think Brady missed me! I only have 2 more days here and I know I will miss him for sure! Who knew you could grow so attached to a baby that you aren't even related to?

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