Sunday, July 5, 2009

*101 things in 1001 days*

Starts 4/05/09 Ends 4/12/2012
In progress: italicized
Finished: bolded
1. Visit Laura in Sweden
2. Visit Dubai
3. Sit in on a class at Yale
4. Go back to Lake Jocassee
5. Visit Abbie when she studies abroad (or at college if she isn’t yet in Ireland!)
6. Plan cruise to Antarctica
7. Visit my aunt in Rhode Island
8. Visit my aunt in Tampa
9. Sent postcards from every city I visit, including ones to myself
10. Visit Boston and L.A.
11. Live in London for a month
12. Go to Key West and see the green sun
13. Visit Italy and Greece
14. Spend some time in the deep South
15. Go to a new amusement park
16. Go on an archaeological dig

17. Write a book
18. Become fluent in Spanish and learned an additional language
19. Take a ballet class
20. Learn to play the piano again
21. Learn to play the harmonica
22. Learn the American presidents in order
24. Memorize all of the continent maps
25. Read 100 books (7/100) - list is here

26. Go up in the Washington Monument
27. Go to a vineyard
28. See the monuments at night
29. See the giant pandas (9/7/09)
30. Tour embassy row

31. Be a vegetarian for one month
32. Try a new fruit and vegetable
33. Drink Strongbow
34. Eat at Nobu in NYC
35. Eat crab in Baltimore
36. Taste caviar
37. Once I have my own apartment and kitchen, cook at least 10 meals and list them here

38. Get contacts (7/09 - FAIL. Wouldn't stay in my eyes so I had to get new glasses instead)
39. Eat vegan for one week
40. Kayak
41. Buy rollerblades/gear and rollerblade
42. Get 8 hrs of sleep each night for a week
43. Get my damn wisdom teeth out (8/4/09. miserable!)
44. For one week, drink only water (& black coffee)
45. Give up alcohol for a month
46. Be able to do 10 pushups in a row
47. Exercise 5x a week for one month
48. Run a mile easily

49. Buy a plant and keep it alive for at least one month
50. Donate blood at least 3x (0/3)
51. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or food kitchen
52. Do some sort of volunteer trip
53. One Christmas, make enough of my candy to send to people
54. Put flowers on family member’s graves
55. Send people cards/letters just because –20x (0/20)
56. Plant a tree each year (0/3)
57. Always send cards or notes on special occasions at least 20x (0/20)
58. Write to my penpal at least 2x a month (1/66)
59. Come home at least 6 times a year (0/18)
60. Start using reusable grocery bags

61. Buy a digital camera (7/7/09)
62. After getting the camera, take a picture a day for a year ( here started 7/8/09 --- 1/365)
63. Go one week without Facebook
64. Start a photoblog (7/8/09 here)
65. Reach 100 blog posts
66. Buy an old school Nintendo with the original Mario Bros game
67. Start a professional/political blog or turn this into one
68. Go one week without texting
69. Get all of my photographs printed and put into albums

70. Get a real job
71. Create a budget and stick to it for at least one month
72. Have something published
73. Invest in stock
74. Go one day without spending ANY money (once I am in DC)
75. Join a professional association
76. Get my own apartment
77. Save up $10,000 in a separate bank account

78. Go on the skydeck at the Sears tower or the skywalk at the Grand Canyon
79. Ride a zip-line
80. Audition for a tv show or movie and/or try modeling
81. Speak in front of a crowd without being nervous
82. Go snorkeling
83. Do the 100 strangers project
84. Finally take the hot air balloon ride that I’ve been wanting to take my whole life
85. Learn to snowboard

86. Get a pet cat and then walk it around town on a leash
87. Go to a professional football game
88. Send in a secret to PostSecret
89. Ride a segway (in a city where no one knows me so I can't be recognized while doing so)
90. Clean out all of my stuff in my parent’s attic (started 7/16/09)
91. Go 2 weeks without wearing tshirts, sweatpants or Soffe shorts out of the house
92. Find a 4-leaf clover
93. Write in my real journal everyday for at least 3 months
94. Start sending/receiving postcards from (7/20/09 - sent 1st 2 - to Germany and Finland)
95. Kiss on the beach
96. Go to a bookreading at a bookstore
97. Go to 3 movies by myself
98. Sleep in a tent
99. Watch Fight Club
100. Read one book off the classics list a month (should be in learning but its not) (0/33)
101. Learn how to do a figure skating move


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  1. This is a great idea! I think I'll have to try it.