Monday, July 27, 2009


So, on Saturday morning, I was getting ready to go to the Celtic Festival with my family and I decided to wear my very favorite shorts. They are denim, I think they are called Bermuda shorts (they go almost to my knee) and lo-and-behold, I couldn't get them on my legs! In fact, I couldn't even pull them past the middle of my thigh. I ran into mom's bathroom and said "how dare you DRY my favorite shorts!" and of course she said that she did not dry them. Hmm I thought, this is peculiar. It wasn't a big deal, I decided to wear something else so I pulled out a jeans skirt... same problem! I tried my yellow plaid shorts, my white capris, my khaki shorts, my white shorts... it kept happening over and over again. Finally I didn't know what to do when I remembered this enormous pair of capris laying in a storage bag under my bed. Mom bought them for me years ago and they were about 2 sizes too big so I never wore them. I found them and put them on and the top WOULD BARELY CLOSE (they were however, quite baggy in the legs). So I wore my fatgirl capris. The next day I had to wear a dress that I never wear because I think it looks like a muumuu.

So guess what?! Ladies and gentlemen, I am on a diet! AND I'm working out -- shocking, I know. I bought a jump rope last night and man, is that a workout! So please, don't buy me cookies. Or cake. Or olives. Or cheese. NO JUNK FOOD. I am eating only vegetables and fruit for snacks, Slimfast for breakfast, Slimfast + sandwich for lunch and then Mom's dinner. And only water to drink. And IF I go to a bar, NO BEER.


  1. I went through the same thing a few weeks ago. It's so depressing. I've been working out but I think I've only been gaining muscle so I'm still waiting for the weight to drop. Good luck!

  2. Hey, thanks for finding my blog - now I know about you! :D

    Sigh, I know how it feels to have nothing fit. That moment when nothing can be pulled up past your thigh is one of the worst for us as growing women, but you should be able to drop the weight in no time. I dropped about 2 sizes in just a few months by working out and eating right -- eating was the most important factor though. It's all about portion control. If you follow that, you'll be golden. Good luck! :)

  3. thanks for the awesome comment :)

    you must be getting excited about dc! i was working there the last 6 weeks and i absolutely love it there!

    good luck with the trying to loose weight!