Wednesday, July 22, 2009

old fashioned things

I have always loved history, and as a young girl I was obsessed with all things old-fashioned. Yesterday, while I was babysitting, I came across an episode of The Little House on the Prairie and it reminded me of being a little kid and of all the things I used to like, so I thought I would document some of these things here!

Image from the Piqua Heritage Festival, which is held on Labor Day weekend... easily my favorite weekend of the year as a child!! Going to the festival feels like stepping back in time!

My family has an old desk like this that I used to play old-fashioned schoolhouse. I made my sister sit in that front chair with no desk haha

On most days, you could find me wearing a bonnet like this!

Some of my favorite books about "olden days," as I liked to call them.

I had a boy and girl rabbit dolls like this and I was convinced that they were old fashioned and that Laura and Mary would have had dolls like this!

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  1. I have an old school desk JUST LIKE THAT!!! Love your blog!