Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dec 9

Sunday, November 15, 2009

End of internship, beginning of being jobless again

So, I will have more time on my hands for a bit! My internship ended on Friday and it was really sad leaving the office! It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. Thinking back on it is funny because when I first started, I felt totally out of my element. I had never worked in a newsroom before and it felt like a foreign country. I was scared to talk to anyone and always nervous, but then after a few weeks I started to get more involved and meet new people and by my first month there, it felt like home! I grew to really love the people and I'm going to miss them a lot. On Thursday, the editorial staff took me to lunch which was really nice. The internship was an excellent introduction to the journalism field and I met so many people -- not just within the newsroom, but many people within the field here in DC as well as many people in government and think tanks. It was definitely a wonderful 3 months and I'm sad that it is over.

My good friend Sarah flew back to Hawaii today and our building already feels emptier without her. Its funny that we have only known each other for 3 months but feels like our whole lives! The end of anything makes me sad and nostalgic, but as our friend J pointed out, it is also the beginning of the next step.

I am back job hunting again, which is not fun. It was nice to have a break from job searching. I need to find something (ANYTHING... well not anything, but you know what I mean) stat because my bank account is low-low. On a lighter note, I plan to use some of my free time to enjoy the Smithsonian, monuments and other sites DC has to offer (for free).

Well, back to writing my annotated bibliography for Government and Politics!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Everyone looks better tan

For a long time I have obviously known that tanning is bad for you, but I went tanning anyways. The truth of the matter is, I love being tan. In fact, I thrive on being tan. Not only do I like BEING tan, I like the process of getting tan. I love visiting tanning salons --- they are like your own personal tropics in the middle of winter. I love being warmed by the lamps and I certainly enjoy laying out in the real sun in summer, slathered in oil.

However, it is very very bad for you and I know this, so I decided to stop tanning. I haven't been tanning in over a year and I didn't even lay out in the sun much this summer. Sometimes I almost give in and go to tanning beds but then I read things like this. Or this. I've tried nearly every sunless tanner that is within my budget and it is usually a fail. Even if they look ok, they make my skin smell horrible. Tonight I am going to use some just because I can't stand it anymore.

The truth of the matter is, everyone looks better when they are tan. Here are some prime examples:

Friday, November 6, 2009


OK THAT’S IT!!!!! I have had it!

MOUTH NOISES ARE TOO MUCH. Lip smacking, slurping, sloshing food in mouth, eating with your mouth open, smacking gum, drink swishing, chomping on hard candy, its ENOUGH. STOP. EAT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

NOTE TO THE WORLD: NO ONE needs to sound like a lion tearing apart a gazelle when eating. (except for lions.. they are in the clear here)

How can people make it to adulthood without learning to eat in a civilized quiet manner? My grandfather once had to fire someone because they couldn’t learn to shut their mouth when they ate. It is that repulsive.

I honestly don’t understand how people can make such loud noises while eating. It’s sickening. Revolting. FOUL. Uncooth. Unrefined. Ill-mannered. Rude. And actually it can even be considered harmful to my health because sometimes I get so annoyed by it that my heart starts pounding and I’m in danger of a heart attack or coronary.


And then, if you are one of those people who chew like a rabid animal even when your mouth is shut, perhaps you should consider eating in solitude.

Monday, November 2, 2009


BIGGEST goal is obvi to find a job.

Other more daily/weekly goals:

*Spend as close to $0 each day as possible
*Do some sort of exercise each day
*Take vitamin every day
*Drink less -- I actually want to try not drinking at all until Thanksgiving, but we'll see if that works out!
*Eat healthier
*Try to drink only water
*Be on time for everything
*Do all hw ahead of time
*Keep photoblog updated
*Do more social things -- I have been hibernating with Bill lately!
*Take more photos
*Do more touristy things

Monday, September 7, 2009

For the time being, I am just going to update my photoblog, but I put little entries about each pic in there, so go here and subscribe!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ahh this is quickly turning into the world's most boring blog. I have been so busy I don't really have time to write and then when I do have time like right now on this relaxing Saturday, I don't feel like writing! My tired self would rather just chill. But nevertheless here is a little update:

Things have been going swimmingly as they say(I really just wanted to say swimmingly bc it is so queer). Internship is going well. I can't really write anything about it soooo thats probably all I will ever say about that.

Social life is booming haha. So many people do see, so much to do! Seriously sooo many things! I have had something to do almost every night which is really great but also a little hard to manage! Plus I have outside work for work, homework for my program and soon I'll have real homework. Yikes!

I WON SOME JEANS from Maxie over at so you should check her site out because she is awesome.

Ummmmm what elllllse. Still haven't got to see the monuments yet. I want to, but it's just so hot and they take so long to walk to. I want the SUN to come out so I can go over to Em's pool. Anddd I'm going to go dedicate my time to my photoblog ! I have about 3 weeks of updates to do and all of the photos are from my phone which sucks but is better than nothing!