Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ahh this is quickly turning into the world's most boring blog. I have been so busy I don't really have time to write and then when I do have time like right now on this relaxing Saturday, I don't feel like writing! My tired self would rather just chill. But nevertheless here is a little update:

Things have been going swimmingly as they say(I really just wanted to say swimmingly bc it is so queer). Internship is going well. I can't really write anything about it soooo thats probably all I will ever say about that.

Social life is booming haha. So many people do see, so much to do! Seriously sooo many things! I have had something to do almost every night which is really great but also a little hard to manage! Plus I have outside work for work, homework for my program and soon I'll have real homework. Yikes!

I WON SOME JEANS from Maxie over at so you should check her site out because she is awesome.

Ummmmm what elllllse. Still haven't got to see the monuments yet. I want to, but it's just so hot and they take so long to walk to. I want the SUN to come out so I can go over to Em's pool. Anddd I'm going to go dedicate my time to my photoblog ! I have about 3 weeks of updates to do and all of the photos are from my phone which sucks but is better than nothing!

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