Monday, August 10, 2009


Something just happened that I cannot even believe. There I was, checking out at Kroger and I glanced over at the aisle next to me and observed in utter horror that the girl who was bagging the groceries was PICKING AT HER LIP RING. She would move it in and out with her fingers and then lick it with her tongue and then pick at the skin around it with her fingers and then BAG MORE GROCERIES. She was a nice and clean looking girl, but still it was revolting. I went and found a store manager and reported the incident to him because I was so digusted I could barely think straight! Lip rings are fine if that's your thing, but don't touch it at work especially when you will be handling somebody's FOOD. Take it out, put a bandaid over it, but for the love of god don't PLAY with it!


  1. Lip rings wig me out in general.

  2. Oh .. GROSS. EW. Doesn't sister know she works with FOOD? Other peoples food...?? Agh!

  3. That is disgusting!! ewwwwww