Monday, July 6, 2009

Stan the Van and a little lost kid

Today I got to do something that I have always wanted to do! I was walking up the stairs at the library and there was an adorable little girl wearing a blue skirt with gold beads all over it. As I was admiring her skirt, I realized she was crying so I asked her if she was ok and she told me that she couldn't find her cousins. I have always wanted to help a little lost child! I don't know why, but it's just one of those things I've always wanted to do. Anyways her name was Mallory and I walked with her around the library until we found her cousins (who were like 10 years old and I don't know why anyone would ever leave them in charge of a 5 yr old kid but that's beside the point). I don't really know why I've always wanted to help a lost kid -- I think I feel compelled towards the greater good to help little kids. I really don't know, but I do know that I felt like a REALLY good person for an hour or so afterwards.

I just got back from watching "The Proposal" with Kyle and Abbie. It was pretty cute. I like a good romantic comedy every now and then. I can't say it was the best movie I have ever seen but I liked it. There were a few spots where I felt awkward because it was like the the directors and actors were struggling to make the scenes work -- kind of like those times during first dates when no one knows what to say. Also Sandra Bullock's nose is starting to look stranger by the minute... I would say it kind of looks like Michael Jackson's but I'm afraid people will yell at me right now.

Finally, I think the time has come to introduce Stan the Van. He's a 1996 white Ford Aerostar and is the first vehicle that I have ever actually owned. I would like to say that I worked really hard and bought it myself, but really I just sort of... fell into him. A few months ago, everyone was doing this '25 things about me' list on Facebook and our choir director did it and one of his things was "I have a lot of vehicles just sitting around that I don't use," and I jokingly commented "I'm taking donations!" The next thing I knew, my dad and I were over at his house putting a new battery in my beautiful creepy oversized white van. We cleaned it out and then I bought myself a shiny gold steering wheel cover. I finally had enough money to buy insurance and new license plates and now my van is legit mine. Of course, I will only have it for about a month until I move to DC... I thought about driving it there but I don't think it will make the trip. We will see though, we'll see...

Here are some pics of Stan:

Sidenote: I will probably keep messing around with the look of my site until I figure out how I want it to look

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